Sam Wilson

Web Technologies BSc(Hons)

Sam is a final year Web Technology student at the University of Huddersfield. During his time at university he has developed a variety of skills in front end development consisting of Javascript and HTML, as well as back end, including PHP and MySQL. Whilst learning these skills, he has developed a preference for back end skills and techniques, as he enjoys the problem solving aspect of coding. He wants to further improve upon his skills as a back-end developer to enable him to go on to employment in that area. Sam also takes an interest in back end frameworks with a good knowledge of both Django and Laravel. He strives to improve his skills for both frameworks and the languages behind them. He constantly aims to improve and build on his knowledge, consequently, he wants to improve some of his weaker skills in the front-end area, particularly CSS and the Bootstrap framework, to make him a better back-end developer.