Faye Hackney

Bsc (Hons) Digital Multimedia

'Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don't' - Bill Nye

The best thing about design, is it gives us the opportunity to express and explore ideas, with no restrictions on imagination and the freedom to experiment and develop as a designer. Faye feels she is perfectly suited to this field, as she is creative, self-motivated, intelligent, with imagination and originality, and has a keen eye for all things design. University has given Faye a solid foundation and a better understanding of visual communication and the digital design process. She is confident using multiple Adobe software's, UX processes, and has proven to have strong Front End Development skills. Simply having a degree nowadays is not enough to guarantee a foot on the career ladder, so to get that edge; Faye applied for a placement in the industry. Working 16 months as a Junior Web Designer, she interpreted client requirements and then developed a concept to suit their needs and tight deadlines. It was an excellent opportunity to get real hands on experience in a challenging work environment. Faye's ultimate goal is to build a career within the branding/digital design industry. Now looking forward to being able to promote her work and ideas, along with thoughts on her favourite design projects - and what girl doesn’t like talking about herself!